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Yes! There is an “s” before “gems”, but there is no possessive apostrophe. Sigh.

If this is your first visit- welcome!

If it isn’t your first visit, and you only want to read my blog posts, feel free to use the menus in the header above. (They may be hiding in a three-bar icon, upper left.) Or you can search the posts by category. Maybe give yourself a shortcut to one of those as an entry point for next time?

This site is that of a WordPress beginner!

It is getting a growing collection of “stuff” that I hope will amuse and be useful to your Life In General. (At least I don’t lack for ambition.) It started as a place for some stories about Billy Elliot, the musical, which remain here… in a corner of their own.

This site isn’t “clever”. But I’ve been writing my web pages for a very long time. Just not via WordPress! Prefaces and disclaimers aside, I hope that the content is good.

I hope the site’s content will be interesting, useful to you… or maybe at least amuse.

I’m learning the difference between “pages” and “blog posts”. The posts I’ve done far are accessible via the “Search” tool at the top of this page, or by going to the Posts Index. I’m trying to fix things so you can restrict the results you encounter to the categories that interest you.

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Please! If you like what I’ve done, just do posts on the social medium of your choice, recommending (What You Want To Know) Or go to the pages under my ULR, where there is more pages from me… with Facebook “like” buttons! (^_^)