Flat Earth Academy

This section of Trixie’s Gems (trisxiesgems.com) is just getting started.

I’m a retired teacher. I’ve spent too long explaining things to stop now, just because I no longer have an employer.

In due course, I plan to split this up, but just to make a start…

Chile is REALLY long.

Chile is REALLY long.

Consider the following two distances…

3,853km and 3,930km- long treks both of them on a pony, and not insignificant journeys by a jet, either.

So how long do you think Chile would be?

4,136km. Yikes. Who knew??

There’s something that might be contributing to any thought you may be having along the lines of “that can’t be right”.

When mapmakers try to draw something that isn’t flat on a piece of paper that is flat, they use projections. (Wikipedia link) And some commonly used projections misrepresent the size of things in the southern hemisphere.

Hunt around the web for images showing you how much will fit “inside” Africa.