I haven’t got the words…. (site’s first story)

This happened at the start of Electricity-

Billy (Elliott Hanna, as I recall) had walked to the back of the stage. The nice lady has just asked, “What does it feel like, when you’re dancing?”

Billy turns. Effectively alone on the stage, in the spotlight. 1500 people waiting with bated breath… and he blanks. Couldn’t remember the line.

There’s always a pause, to build the tension, attention… but I’m told that on this occasion it ran to 45 seconds. Professional that he was, he didn’t panic. Stood there thinking: “Ah. This is awkward. Let’s see, what did I say when we were rehearsing this, this afternoon?” (London had a heavy rehearsal schedule, as new Billies, Michaels, Debbies, etc were always being trained up.)

And at last he remembered. Do you remember the line? Could it be more apt?…

“I can’t really explain it. I haven’t got the words….

(This was the first anecdote published here at my Billy Stories blog. First appeared on the “Welcome Page”, September 27, 2019, written at 00:36, after a splendid night at the Billy production of Sept-Nov 2019. Was then made first (proper) “post” of the blog on the morning of October 2.. the day of the show’s press night.)