Great mini apps useful in Windows

I have used the following for many years. They are part of the reason I stick with Windows. They add things which I find enormously useful. (This page is not “done”. I wanted to test a feature of my WordPress site. Sorry. But the recommendations are heartfelt and sincere!)

Shortkeys- there is a “lite” version that you can use, forever, for free, on as many computers as you wish. The only limitation is that you can only have 15 Shortkeys active at one time… but you can change them.

Textpad- a Great text editor. Note TEXT editor. This is NOT a wordprocessor! But it is at the heart of how I do most of what I do on my computers. Yes! You get a text editor free, with Windows. Textpad is SO MUCH MORE! YOU CAN use it for free, multiple machines, forever. If it becomes as important to you as it has been for me, I hope you will do the decent thing and buy a license.

IrfanView- Image manipulation. Again… Windows gives you “Photos” free. But IrfanView is so much better. I also use Gimp… the free, opensource, multiplatform alternative to Phoitoshop and the others. Gimp will do things IrfanView does not. But IrfanView has a tiny footprint, runs VERY qjuickly, and is remarkably capable for something that has those restrictions. I probably use it for 90% of my image manipulation wants.