Skype Contacts- back up, use elsewhere

I like Skype. I liked it better before Microsoft took it over, but I guess I’m glad that the developers got their cash.

Anyway… like all these things, it has sucked me in. My ink-on-paper copy of phone numbers I use is out of date. In any case, I might lose my smartphone, or it may die. And I don’t want my contacts “in the cloud”, thank you very much.

You can back up your Skype contacts to a file-

Go to with a browser. You can enter that URL, or get there from your Skype app.

Once logged in, you should be at… or be able to get to…

Near the bottom of that, but on that page, under “Account Details” heading, under “Settings and preferences” sub-heading, there are links for downloading various things.

For your contacts (people you call and their numbers, plus other stuff), you use “Export contacts”. (You guessed that?)

That will give you a .csv file, which you can load to spreadsheet (LibreOffice “import csv” help) or text editor or wordprocessor. I’d recommend a spreadsheet. (For LibreOffice Calc, the delimiter is a comma, as is usual.)